All you need to know about Chrome OS Event

by Rohit on November 19, 2009

The Chrome OS event which was held at Google’s Mountain View headquarters has come to a close. Here are some of the interesting stuff that was revealed today.

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  • Chrome OS is targeted at Netbooks which are considered as ‘companion PCs’ for spending time online.
  • Chrome OS source code has been posted on Google’s Chromium site.
  • ‘Google is a YEAR away from announcement’ – They are striving to make sure it is available by Holiday 2010.
  • Google Chrome browser for Mac coming this year!
  • Google Chrome browser for Linux is on its way as well.
  • In Chrome OS, every application is a web application. All data in Chrome OS is in the cloud.
  • The boot time is just about 7 seconds!
  • The user partition, where your settings are stored, is always encrypted.
  • The user-data partition is also synced back to the cloud at all times.
  • Web apps are sandboxed automatically and are not allowed to change files on disk or power settings for enhanced security.
  • Same ad experience as the experience you get right now in any web browser.

You can check out the official Chrome OS FAQ here.


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