How to register, download and use Spotify from anywhere in the world

by Rohit on August 26, 2012

When I was in the UK, I used to love the fact that I could listen to almost any song in the world on-demand via Spotify. I sorely missed the music streaming service after I returned to India. Out of desperation, I decided to find a work-around to access Spotify from anywhere in the world and was surprised by the simple solution that I eventually found.


Here’s an easy guide on how to sign up, download, install and use Spotify from anywhere in the world.

1) TunnelBear is your friend! Head over to their website and download the application on your PC/Mac. It’s basically a VPN service which makes the computer think that you are in the US or UK!

download tunnelbear

2) Launch TunnelBear and register when prompted. After registering, flick  right dial to US (or UK) to set the country of your choice and the left dial in the app to ON. (Note: TunnelBear provides free VPN service for the first 500 MB of usage which is more than sufficient to get our job done.)

tunnelbear on

3) Now that you have tricked your PC/Mac to think that it’s in the US or UK, you can head over to Spotify’s site and register by logging into Facebook.

Register on Spotify

4) Click on Get Spotify link and download the free Spotify app.

download spotify free

5) Launch Spotify and log-in using your Facebook ID to enjoy Spotify’s massive Music Library!

spotify login

6) You can now turn-off TunnelBear. When this is done, Spotify will get to know that you are not in the US/UK but will let you enjoy the service for 2 weeks.

 tunnelbear off

After 14 days, you will get an error message telling that you can’t access the service from your  country.spotify login failed

7) All you have to do to get rid of this error is to again log into TunnelBear, switch to the country that you set at the time of registration, launch spotify and enter the log-in details. On doing this, you will be good to go for another 14 days!

tunnelbear on


  • After registering, you can use your login details on the Spotify iPhone or Android app too. However, you will get to use just the radio feature. (For the iPhone, you will have to download the Spotify app from US or UK Apple App Store)
  • I really recommend that you buy Spotify Premium account to get unlimited access to Spotify.  By doing this, you will not alone get to enjoy Spotify’s kick-ass service without ads and other nuisance, but will also indirectly help the artists to get their due.

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Mohith March 17, 2013 at 7:32 am

How to buy spotify premium subscription from India?

abilash March 27, 2013 at 5:31 pm

@mohit.. you need to use an american credit card. just ask some friend of yours to register their account with your id. the unlimited subscription gives you the ability to use spotify from any country in the world.

Chewbacca July 14, 2015 at 5:12 pm

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