Google Fast flip is a delight to use on the iPhone!

by Rohit on September 15, 2009

This morning I was totally excited about the new WebApp from Google named Google Fast Flip. As the name suggests, the intention of the app is to help users flip through articles/news at a blazing speed. It combines qualities of print and the Web. Since I am an iPhone fanatic, I was more interested in trying out the iPhone-optimized interface of the app. With great enthusiasm, I pulled out my iPhone and hit into safari. On doing this, I was greeted with a typical Google style – search box.

I entered the word “iPhone” in the search box and  was immediately taken to an article related to the iPhone on Techcrunch. I started flipping through and was pleased to see that the app did exactly what it said. Within a matter of seconds, I had browsed (flipped) through 20 different articles. I wanted to view the full post of the New York Times article, so I tapped on it and was presented with a screen which had three options (Full Article, Zoom and close). On selecting the “Full Article” option, a new window opened up with the entire post. The “Zoom” option too is pretty neat.


If you want to share an article with your friend there is an email button at the top right corner and if you fancy an article there is a Facebook style “like” button.

Overall, I must say that Google fast flip provides an engaging reading experience and is easy, quick and convenient. I am surely going to use it along with my favourite RSS app on the iPhone (Newstand).  Though the app is brilliant, I wish there was an option to disable images to reduce the article loading time. I am also a bit disappointed that there is no provision to filter articles based on date, country etc. I wanted to view only those articles which were written after September 12, but since there was no filter option, I had to manually check the dates. I am sure Google will incorporate these features very soon. Until then go give this amazing WebApp a try. You will definitely love it :)


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