Appulo and Installous are now Apptrackr – Faster & Powerful!

by Rohit on January 30, 2010

UPDATE: A new reliable source to download cracked apps has released recently. Please refer this post to know how to download cracked iPhone and iPad apps using AppAddict.

In November, I wrote a post on Appcake (an alternative to and installous) which became wildly popular. Tons of readers loved the fact that they could enjoy cracked apps without having to rely on appulo.

I made it loud and clear to everyone that Appcake was the one stop destination to try out different apps before making a purchase off the AppStore.

However, now I request all you folks to head over to (Copy and paste the url in your browser). Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

The Hackulous community is back in the form of Apptrackr and boy whoa boy their latest creation is fast! This is what reported about the Apptrackr:

In theory, the website should be faster than Appulous (considering we’re on three times the hardware that Appulous is) and the website’s caching functionality is advanced (it uses ideas from Kyek’s RECache algorithm). The website is much better looking, running a theme that we’ve refined for the best presentation and user experience. We also support most iTunes stores, instead of just the US store, for app submission.

Even installous has gone through a complete overhaul. The moment you tap on installous you are taken to a brand new apptrackr screen.


The new interface is clean and very systematic. When you select an app, you are presented with a screen which has three tabs: Information, screenshots and downloads. Everything loads up in the blink of an eye. You just can’t ask for more.


Just in case you haven’t downloaded installous aka apptrackr. Here are the instructions:

1) Tap on Cydia on your iPhone.

2) Choose Manage tab on the bottom of the screen.

3) Select Sources.

4) On the top-right corner you will find edit button, select that and then tap add button. You will be asked to enter a url. Enter and tap on add sources.

5) Cydia then updates your sources.

6) Once this is done. Tap on search at the bottom of cydia and in the search box look for installous.

7) Install Installous (Apptrackr).

8 ) Congrats you can now enjoy cracked apps right from your iPhone.

Note: Please use Apptrackr only to try the apps. Once you like an app, head over to the Apple AppStore and make the purchase. Give the developers their due.


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